David Lough

Photo of David Lough

David Lough won an open history scholarship to Oxford University where he gained a first class degree. After an early career in financial markets at home and in Asia, he founded a private banking business, advising prominent British families across the range of their private affairs, including their investments, tax affairs and estate planning. On his retirement as chief executive to become chairman in 2009, David used his private banking experience to research the story of Winston Churchill’s precarious personal finances, illuminating a new human side of the figure often treated as an icon.The result was the acclaimed No More Champagne – Churchill and his money, published in 2015. A second book, Darling Winston – Forty years of letters between Winston Churchill and his mother appeared in 2018 and David is researching a third, mainly in the National Archives. David speaks and writes on both sides of the Atlantic; he is a trustee of the London Library among other charities and a liveryman of the Haberdashers Company.

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